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Build electrolyser for green hydrogen

Construction of electrolyser KWR Nieuwegein

Starting next summer, an electrolyser on KWR's site will produce green hydrogen. Via an underground pipeline, the green hydrogen will go to the hydrogen filling station in Nieuwegein.

Hysolar/Greenpoint's hydrogen refueling station has been in operation since 2021. The green hydrogen used had not been produced locally until now.
Now the construction of the electrolyser plant is in full swing. Before the summer of 2024, it will start producing green hydrogen with solar and wind energy. An underground pipeline 1 km long has been laid. The green hydrogen will thereby go from the electrolyser to the hydrogen filling station. A special drilling technique unique in the Netherlands was used to lay the hydrogen pipeline. In May, the installation will be completed. Immediately after that, the step-by-step start-up will begin.

With the new plant, Hysolar will soon be able to produce 300,000 kg of green hydrogen per year. That's enough for about 60 buses or trucks.
Read more about it on Hysolar's website.

The production of green hydrogen via electrolysis is part of the LIFE NEW HYTS project. Within this project, the transition to green hydrogen is being demonstrated regionally.