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Roadmap to hydrogen at business parks

roadmap for hydrogen in business parks

Commissioned by the Province of Utrecht, Blueconomy wrote a roadmap for hydrogen on business parks. This document can serve as a guide for municipalities and entrepreneurs to develop hydrogen solutions on business parks.

Many companies want to become more sustainable but due to grid congestion are not given the opportunity to feed energy back and to further electrify. Storing energy in hydrogen and driving on hydrogen can be one of the possible solutions. In what ways can hydrogen contribute to business challenges? Which energy flows play a role on a business park and is it logical to start working with hydrogen in this? The roadmap helps answer these questions.

The 10 steps detailed in the paper:

  1. Reviewing energy routes
  2. Calculating with key figures
  3. Individual interviews and meet-ups
  4. Selecting promising energy routes
  5. Business concept development
  6. Coalition forging
  7. Business concept development
  8. Project Proposal
  9. Funding
  10. Realization

Download the roadmap hydrogen on business parks