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Steering committee and sounding board group

Steering committee and sounding board group meeting WU LNH

On November 9, 2023, the sounding board group + steering committee of LIFE NEW HYTS and the steering committee of the 'Hydrogen in Mobility Covenant Province of Utrecht' met at KWR Water Research Institute in Nieuwegein.

Ad van Wijk hands over book green energy for all to Andre van SchieWe met the new mobility deputy André van Schie of the province of Utrecht, who has already had the opportunity to experience much of our work in a short time.

Jos Boere, Daniël Bakker, Ron Bol, Regina Horbach and Bert Strijker presented the progress of the two projects.

There was a good discussion about the progress of the projects. Are we going to meet the goals of the covenant? Will entrepreneurs with enough commercial vehicles run on hydrogen so that all hydrogen refueling stations in our province have sufficient sales? Together we are all committed to this.

At the end, hydrogen professor Ad van Wijk and Jos Boere gave us all their new book "Green Energy for Everyone; How Hydrogen and Electricity Carry Our Future.