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What is the hydrogen challenge for the transportation sector?

The transportation industry's task #1

From diesel to sustainable #1

Climate goals, emission-free zones, our common sense: everything is crying out for a clean alternative to fossil fuels. The need for a solution for a clean alternative to diesel among transporters is great. In the Netherlands, 143,000 freight vehicles will be registered by 2022. The goals in the Dutch climate agreement speak of mobility withoutCO2 emissions by 2050. The transport sector is facing an important transition to emission-free transport. Transport in Europe is responsible for 27% of allCO2 emissions, while the demand for transportation of goods is still growing. By 2025, a 15% reduction inCO2 emissions[1] must be achieved. Moreover, there is a chance that ambitions will be further revised upwards as a result of stricter (European) requirements resulting from REDIII.

Heavy duty hydrogen-powered transport seems to be a good alternative to diesel and necessary alongside electric transport initiatives. What is going on and how is acceleration taking place? Hydrogen Utrecht organized a meeting "Hydrogen for heavy transport" on Nov. 23. Truck manufacturers and transporters sat down together to discuss problems and opportunities. Customers, such as retailers and defense, knowledge institutes and governments were also present. A meeting with a lot of curiosity, technical solutions and especially many questions about how to accelerate.

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