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Newsletter December 2022

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In this newsletter: 

  • Hydrogen heavy transport supply and demand found each other in Nieuwegein
  • How do we accelerate heavy transport on hydrogen? 9 questions about heavy transport on hydrogen
  • Scoop: The first hydrogen delivery vehicle is in the Netherlands and available to order as of now!
  • Five countries in 24 hours in a hydrogen car, do you still sleep? The 24H2 challenge
  • When will Fountain Fuel's hydrogen fueling station in Amersfoort be ready?
  • Lots of interest in our roundtable at the National Hydrogen Congress
  • 20th anniversary of Dutch Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association
  • Hydrogen Workshop: Innovation & Business cases in 2023
room of people during meeting hydrogen in heavy transport

Hydrogen in heavy transport, Nov. 23, 2022

Wednesday, Nov. 23, the meeting "Hydrogen for heavy transport vehicles" was held at KWR Water Research Institute, organized from the "Hydrogen in Mobility Covenant Province of Utrecht.

We look back on a successful meeting where manufacturers and transporters came a little closer together. As many as 11 suppliers and manufacturers indicated their progress in developing and supplying hydrogen transport vehicles:

  • Hojun Suh of Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility AG
  • Joost Koopmans of Volvo Group
  • Peter Kramer of DAF Trucks NV
  • Loek Vroon of Iveco Group
  • Richard Bos of Daimler Truck AG
  • Paul Bruns of FAUN
  • Marcel de Rycker of Tevva Hydrogen Electric Trucks
  • David Boerhof of Shell/Paul Nutzfahrzeuge
  • Hans van Dijk of GINAF Trucks Nederland B.V.
  • Aldwin Oechies of Holthausen Clean Technology
  • Robert Goevaers of HyTrucks

Transporters are finding that clients are increasingly asking for sustainable transport and are willing to pay for it, but we still need to take bigger steps to take sustainable transport to the next level. The transportation industry called attention to a viable Total Cost of Ownership, a good national and international infrastructure network and preferably manned refueling infrastructure in the start-up phase.

Maartje van der Avert of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management explained the contours of the future subsidy scheme, which will run from 2024. Read more information about this scheme here. In 2024, the budget is 22 million euros, probably more in time. The first call focuses on the logistics sector. After the budget expands, other modalities will come into play. Cooperation in consortia of producers, shippers and carriers together with infra operators is an important prerequisite.
presentation at meeting hydrogen in heavy transport
An aftermovie with an impression of this meeting will follow soon.

As a follow-up to this meeting, we will organize smaller in-depth sessions together with the individual manufacturers, to which we will invite interested transporters. Here we want to connect supply and demand from consortia and thus accelerate the production of hydrogen transport vehicles.
Next year there will be another broad meeting to inform and inspire each other.

Regina Horbach and Bert Strijker

How do we accelerate heavy transportation on hydrogen? 9 questions and answers

Hydrogen heavy transport seems like a good alternative to diesel and needed alongside electric transport initiatives. What's going on and how is it accelerating?
Read the nine frequently asked questions about hydrogen heavy transport.


The first hydrogen delivery car: The air coming out is cleaner than going in!

hydrogen-powered vans
On Dec. 6, KWR hosted Stellantis' Opel Vivaro e Hydrogen, made possible through efforts of the H2 Platform.

You see almost nothing special about this van, because the hydrogen tanks are under the cargo area and the battery pack is under the driver's seat. But the air coming out of the car is cleaner than the air going in!

Stellantis invited everyone to take a test drive and see for themselves what the van of the near future looks like.

The hydrogen delivery car is available to order now and available next year. You can contact Bjorn Braakhekke for more information.

Team that participated in the hydrogen challenge

Hydrogen Challenge 24H2 Challenge

On November 11 and 12, the team of Hydrogen Utrecht, LIFE NEW HYTS and Platform Groene hart werkt! participated in the 24H2 Challenge. Regina Horbach, Bert Strijker, Daniël Bakker and Jolanda Ledoux were in a hydrogen car together for 24 hours. It was a long night with a fun learning experience.

"Daniel are you still sleeping then?" Read the interview with Daniel Bakker about his participation in the H2 Challenge here

See photos from the 24H2 Challenge here.

And click here for the aftermovie with a great impression of the 24H2 Challenge!

Register via www.waterstofchallenge.nl/nl/ in advance for next year: Oct. 6 & 7.

Push button to start construction hydrogen fueling station

Construction hydrogen fueling station Amersfoort started

Construction of Fountain Fuel energy station in Amersfoort began in October. It will be a hydrogen fueling station with also electric charging points, in industrial park De Wieken. It is expected to be operational in April 2023.

hydrogen fueling station construction site

The opening event featured more than 100 attendees, strong substantive conversations on stage and lots of press coverage. Watch below the aftermovie for a great impression of this event and information about Fountain Fuel's plans for even more hydrogen refueling stations.

You can further follow Fountain Fuel on LinkedIn, Twitter and sign up for their newsletter.

Previously, the plans of Fountain Fuel in Amersfoort were featured in this nice video From Hydrogen to Talk.

Aftermovie launch event construction hydrogen refueling station Fountain Fuel Amersfoort
video construction hydrogen fueling station
hydrogen conference

National Hydrogen Congress

During the Hydrogen Congress on Dec. 15, 2022, in Utrecht, Bert Strijker of the EnergieCollectief Utrechtse Bedrijven (ECUB), Regina Horbach of the Province of Utrecht and Daniël Bakker of KWR Water Research Institute gave a roundtable session on the "Hydrogen in Mobility Covenant Province of Utrecht" and the LIFE NEW HYTS project .

There was a lot of interest in the session. Those present thought it was special that the province is driving this project and taking care of bringing companies, governments and other parties together. They were also interested in what we have done so far to include bringing supply and demand together, lobbying for legislation & subsidies, getting local production of green hydrogen done, and when and how hydrogen-powered transport vehicles will be available.

More information on hydrogen conferencing: https://euroforum.nl/waterstof

Dutch Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Association

20th anniversary of Dutch Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Association

On December 16, 2022, we were at Province of Utrecht for the 20th anniversary of the 'Dutch Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Association' NWBA. Here the importance of hydrogen was emphasized.

Daniël Bakker of KWR Water Research Institute talked about the LIFE NEW HYTS project and the growth of hydrogen in mobility in the province of Utrecht.
In addition, Bert Strijker and Regina Horbach told about the 'Covenant on hydrogen in mobility province of Utrecht'. The province of Utrecht is working on good cooperation between governments, companies and other parties.

Ad van Wijk won this year's Erik Middelman Innovation (EMI) award. Ad is a very dedicated scientist and has used his entrepreneurial heart to put hydrogen on the map in the Netherlands in earnest.

Learn more: www.nwba.nl and the NWBA's LinkedIn post: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/nwba_vandaag-vierden-wij-ons-20-jarig-jubileum

Workshop on Hydrogen: Innovation & Business Cases

Living Lab Region Foodvalley Circular is hosting the 8th meeting of the Workshop on Hydrogen on Wednesday, January 25, from 3:00 to 5:30 p.m. in Nijkerk.

The meeting will explain the new approach of the Workshop Hydrogen 2023 accompanied by inspiring speakers. The theme is "Innovation and Application of Hydrogen in the Agricultural Sector.

To scale up the applications of hydrogen, it is important to innovate. Innovate across the entire chain, from generating hydrogen to using hydrogen for different functions. But also innovate and connect with different industries, such as transportation, agriculture, business parks and industry, in order to complete hydrogen business cases.

Sign in via https://regiofoodvalleycirculair.nl/agenda/werkplaats-waterstof-8-innovatie-businesscases

We wish you happy green holidays and a sustainable hydrogen year!

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