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The 'Covenant on hydrogen in mobility province of Utrecht' is part of the LIFE NEW HYTS project and stands for reNEWable green HYdrogen for TranSport. LIFE NEW HYTS demonstrates the feasibility of local production, distribution and application of green hydrogen in road transport by setting up a chain in Nieuwegein. The province of Utrecht is the most important transport hub in the Netherlands and the region with the highest transport density. To stimulate hydrogen in the transport sector, the province has established the Convenant Waterstof in Mobility Provincie Utrecht (Waterstof Utrecht). More than 111 parties have joined to make mobility more sustainable. The newsletter 'Waterstof Utrecht' keeps you informed about the latest developments in the field of green hydrogen and the covenant.
LIFE NEW HYTS is a collaboration between KWR Water Research Institute, Province of Utrecht, Hysolar, Van Heezik, Stamhuis, Jos Scholman Beheer B.V. and Van den Heerik's Internationaal Transportbedrijf B.V. and is co-funded by the European Union.
In this newsletter:
  • Kick-off LIFE NEW HYTS at Innovam in Nieuwegein June 24, 2022
  • Application of hydrogen in cleaning vehicles Sept. 20, 2022
  • Hydrogen conference at EV-Experience, Zandvoort circuit Sept. 23, 2022
  • RH2INE Sept. 30, 2022
New signatories to Utrecht hydrogen covenant: counter stands at 111.
  • Monday, Oct. 31 Zero Emission Truck Debate
  • Tuesday, November 15 from 2:00-17:00 Save the date meeting heavy transport hydrogen vehicles
  • Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2 p.m. 2022 Meeting Hydrogen for heavy vehicles


  • Hydrogen Utrecht website launched

Hall of cheers at kick-off Life NEW HYTS

Kick-off LIFE NEW HYTS at Innovam in Nieuwegein June 24, 2022

On Friday, June 24, the kick-off of the LIFE NEW HYTS project was organized at Innovam in Nieuwegein. LIFE NEW HYTS is a chain project carried out by: KWR, Province of Utrecht, Van Heezik, Stamhuis, Jos Scholman and Van den Heerik's International Transportbedrijf B.V. and is co-financed by the LIFE program of the European Union. Prior to this event there was an interesting tour for the participants in Innovam's practical and teaching areas. Together with the Aeres Tech Group from Ede and Hystream, Innovam has developed a training course on hydrogen in vehicles for mechanics and drivers. We will report the start date of this training in the newsletter.

>> Read more "What it takes is guts." Utrecht embraces green hydrogen for heavy transport | Life New Hyts

Several presentations were given during this meeting. The presentations can be found on this page at lifenewhyts.eu.

Aftermovie: "I think there is a lot of music in hydrogen, we saw that this afternoon. The most surprising thing is that a lot of entrepreneurs are participating, but that we mainly see SMEs, the smaller companies, participating. I do see a big challenge to also get the bigger 'guys' over the line now," said Arne Schaddelee, provincial executive member and warm advocate of green hydrogen.

Several hydrogen vehicles from the parties involved were displayed.
A short video was also made of this event. You can watch it here.

Room full of people during kick-off Life NEW HYTS

round table with people during meeting hydrogen in cleaning vehicles

Application of hydrogen in cleaning vehicles Sept. 20, 2022

On Tuesday, September 20, 2022, special attention was given to the application of hydrogen in cleaning vehicles. Invited were principals at municipalities, municipalities with their own cleaning services, waste transporters and cleaning services, industry associations and knowledge institutions and operators of (potential) hydrogen refueling stations. Experiences, ambitions and findings were shared from various projects in the Netherlands and abroad that are and have been running. After a short general introduction about the hydrogen covenant by Bert and Regina, several presentations were given:

  • Sustainable Cleaning Vehicles Covenant, Wilco Fiechter, Rijkswaterstaat
  • Lessons learned with hydrogen cleaning vehicles, Stefan Neis, HydrogenNet
  • How do we make hydrogen-based waste collection approachable? Guy van Wunnik, Royal Association for Waste and Cleaning Management
  • Can it be done differently? Evert van de Laar, H2-E Waste Logistics
  • Hydrogen in Amersfoort, Stephan Bredewold, Fountain Fuel

These presentations managed to provoke an animated discussion on the application of hydrogen in cleaning vehicles. Here the whole room was involved by discussion leader Gert-Jan Jansen.
The need was expressed to meet again in time to exchange knowledge and experience and to establish possible collaborations.

room of people during presentation

Hydrogen conference at EV-Experience, Zandvoort circuit Sept. 23, 2022

On September 23, 24 and 25, the annual EV-Experience event was held at the Zandvoort circuit. Visitors could experience what driving zero emission vehicles feels like. Driving on the Zandvoort circuit under the guidance of a driver.

Check out evexperience.com for an impression.

people outside at EC-experience

Hydrogen in mobility 'From plans to practice'

A hydrogen conference is also organized annually during EV-Experience by the H2 Platform, the NWBA, BETA, Shell, RAI Association in cooperation with EV-Experience.
This conference aims to promote cooperation between the business community and the various governments in the developments of hydrogen in mobility. Policy makers, administrators, knowledge institutions and market parties attended. Speakers shared their best practices around hydrogen in mobility and engaged in debate with each other.

Arne Schaddelee, deputy of the province of Utrecht, explained the operation of the Covenant on Hydrogen in Mobility province of Utrecht. Here, Daniël Bakker of KWR presented the LIFE NEW HYTS project under which the Hydrogen Covenant falls.

>> Read more: Who tows the hydrogen trailer? Hydrogen transport trailers may NOT - believe it or not - be towed by hydrogen trucks, due to specific legislation surrounding the transport of hazardous materials. Daniel Bakker of KWR on obstacles in the path of pioneers and entrepreneurs in green hydrogen in transportation.

An update was also given by Stephan Bredewold of Fountain Fuel on the hydrogen filling station that will be realized in Amersfoort. On Friday, Oct. 21, Mr. Hans Oosters, Commissioner of the King in the province of Utrecht, will perform the official act for the start of construction of the first hydrogen filling station in Amersfoort. This day our website waterstofutrecht.nl also went online.

hydrogen passenger carcrane truck

people at presentation RH2ine

RH2INE conference Sept. 30, 2022

From the hydrogen covenant, we are also working on clean inland navigation through the application of hydrogen. For example, we have the ambition of 1-2 hydrogen ships and making shipping on the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal, among others, which is the busiest canal in Europe, more sustainable.
On September 30, 2022, the annual RH2INE conference was held in Duisburg.
RH2INE is a cooperation platform around public and private parties with the ambition of achieving clean inland navigation on the Rhine corridor. There were representatives from Austria, Switzerland, several German member states, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. We were also there with a Utrecht delegation. Participants were delegates from shipping companies, ports, suppliers, regional authorities and other stakeholders shared their knowledge and made new agreements. At this conference in Duisburg, a number of steps were taken towards emission-free goods transport using hydrogen in inland shipping. In the morning there were several workshop rounds and in the afternoon there were plenary presentations and discussions. The goal of the conference is to promote hydrogen in shipping and the necessary infrastructure in ports.

In 2023, the first hydrogen-powered ships are expected in the Netherlands thanks in part to some of the signatories of our covenant, which include: Future proof shipping, Koedood, EICB and more will follow.
The Utrecht entrepreneur Theo Pouw is working hard on the arrival of a hydrogen ship. Alwin Anninga made an ardent plea for this in the debate, he was supported by Regina Horbach of the province of Utrecht.

Zero Emission Truck Debate

Date: October 31, 2022
Time: 09:30 to 14:00
Location: Fokker Terminal The Hague

zero emission truck debate Oct. 31, 2022

On Monday, October 31, from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., RAI Association will organize the Zero Emission Truck Debate at the Fokker Terminal in The Hague. During this meeting, participants will have the opportunity to exchange views with various leading speakers on how the transition to zero-emission in the trucking sector should take shape.

For more information visit: https://www.raivereniging.nl/agenda/2022-q4/zero-emissie-truck-debat.html
Sign up can be done through this link: Sign up for the Zero Emission Truck Debate

Hydrogen in heavy transport vehicles Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 23, 2022

On Nov. 23, 2022, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., we will host a meeting in the Utrecht region on hydrogen-powered trucks.

The supply of hydrogen-powered trucks is still very limited. Nevertheless, we want to look with you at the various options that are or will be available. In this meeting, several manufacturers will give you an insight into the development and supply of hydrogen-powered trucks. Both the application of fuelcell as well as the internal combustion engine will be discussed.

We want to inform you as a potential user about the different possibilities and types of vehicles. With this meeting we want to identify the demand for heavy transport vehicles from the region and inform the participants about the (future) hydrogen refueling facilities. In addition, we want to see how we can connect with the demand for vehicles to other initiatives and lobby for financial support for this at national and European level.
Register via this link

Hydrogen vans fall 2022

In the Utrecht region we face a huge task. More and more homes and jobs are being added, generating a lot of extra mobility. We also have to deal with limited grid capacity. Having all delivery vans run on battery power is not compatible with the current electricity grid infrastructure. Besides heavy transport and shipping, hydrogen can also offer a solution for delivery vans that have to drive longer distances.
Therefore, we are going to organize a meeting in December 2022 in Nieuwegein for driving hydrogen-powered vans. Different brands are slowly entering the market, including Stellantis, Hyvia, Iveco. We want to inform you as a potential user about the different possibilities. During this meeting, different manufacturers will inform you about the types and features of these vehicles. By properly mapping out the demand for these vans from the Utrecht region, we hope to be able to influence delivery, price agreements and lobby the government for financial support.

Are you interested? Then keep an eye on our website. We will also inform you ourselves in a timely manner.

New signatories hydrogen covenant Utrecht and our website

Since the meeting at the Zandvoort circuit on September 23, the website waterstofutrecht.nl is online. On this website you can find all information regarding the hydrogen covenant. For example, all the parties who have signed the covenant. By now 111 parties have already joined. Since the last newsletter was sent, 5 new parties have signed the covenant, these are:

  • Bovag
  • Koedood
  • EICB
  • Beta
  • Rabobank
  • Rabobank, Rients Schuddebeurs: Because it contributes to energy transition and because a covenant is about working together. Cooperation is cooperating. The only way to take this further is to bring parties together"
  • BETA, Lisanne Henneveld: "Hydrogen is simply the future, we are eventually just going to sell hydrogen at our filling stations. What the customer wants, that's what our filling stations are going to sell, There is a development for that and that's why we are joining this."
  • EICB, Khalid Tachi: "Probably this year or early next year we will already have the first two hydrogen-powered barges. Inland navigation is a wonderful testing ground: few ships, a lot of volume."
  • BOVAG, Han ten Broeke: "We think hydrogen belongs. The cabinet targets written into the climate agreement of 50 hydrogen stations are long overdue."